About Me

What do you want to know? I’m an open book. Mostly. My name is Angie. I have three kids, two still at home, and I have four cats. I know – it’s a lot.

I’m a writer. I’m also a (former) journalist, the owner of a publishing company, a certified life coach, an author, a YouTuber.

I’m think-outside-the-box, pay-it-forward-thinking, Bullet-Journal-not-calendar (non-linear thinking) kind of person. This is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness.

I have learned that with brutal self-knowledge and unconditional self-acceptance, leaning into who I truly am offers the best bang for my proverbial buck, so now I try to delegate stuff I don’t love doing, which not surprisingly is also stuff I feel like is “work” – you know, things that make me feel bogged down and creatively stifled.

This gives me more time to imagine, dream, create and more time to do more of what I’m meant to be doing.

Yeah…clearly, I haven’t written a “non-professional” bio in a long time. I’m still working on that. But for now, you can check out my professional bio here.

Anyhoo…this is my personal blog and I have no idea how that is going to shake out. Sometimes, I think too much.

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