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“That last page turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book.” ~Toni Sorenson

I finished my bullet journal today. And I’ve got a new one to start. This offers a brand new opportunity for a new beginning. A time to consider the past 10 months (which is how long it took to fill this one) and to start fresh. As fall rushes in, it feels like springtime in my mind. Time for renewal, refreshment, change.

There are, of course, many things to consider in a new beginning. First, what’s working for you? And then: what isn’t? And finally, when you think about what isn’t working, which of those things can be changed, and what are the actions you can take to begin changing them?

As you’re doing those things, there are important things to remember. You have to be careful to keep your perspective in check.

When you focus on everything that’s wrong with your life, it can look pretty grim sometimes. But in any given moment, you have a choice on how you want to proceed. You can stay focused on all the stuff that’s wrong, or you can change your perception and focus on what you can control. And on what is going right in your life. And what you’re grateful for – and, if you’re like me, throw in a few things you love about yourself (because self-love leads to self-care, which leads to health and inner peace).

Think about the overall state of your life? How do things feel?

What is working? What isn’t working? What can you do to change the things that aren’t serving you in your life?

Do you need more downtime? Should you have less? What can you reprioritize to make sure you create the changes you want to create?

And what can you do to ensure that you stick to the plan? Because the problem with new beginnings is that if you’re not careful and intentional, they become faded memories of failed attempts to be the person you want and deserve to be – the one you’re meant to be.

The shift must first be mental and then be slowly, intentionally folded into your life. One small baby step at a time. It can begin whenever you want: you just have to choose and begin again.

Choose a special day – or any day. Mark the occasion. Make it mean something, and then you know what? Just do it. Begin. Again. Start over whenever you want. You only fail if you stop starting.

Today, the next amazing part of my life begins. It all starts with a new bullet journal. I’m excited and ready to grow forward!

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