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“I’m blessed to be able to work at something that I’m good at, and that I love. It’s not something I take for granted.” ~Emmylou Harris

This morning, I found myself procrastinating about my work. I recorded a bunch of videos yesterday, and the first objective of the day would be to edit today’s YouTube video. As I was procrastinating – well, truly, putting off and slightly dreading opening up the laptop, I had this moment of clarity.

I realized that 20 years ago, the idea that “work” would be what it is today would’ve been a DREAM. And then it occurred to me: I am living a life that once would’ve sounded like an absolute dream to me.

Wait…that means that I am living my dream. What kind of amazingness is that?

Though I was alone and no one could hear me, I literally laughed out loud, reached over and grabbed my laptop and got to work.

The thing is that I’ve been working toward a sort of intentional evolution, and I’ve been racking my brain about how I can serve my community better; how I can expand in various ways – how I can be different in a crowd of copycats.

I find myself deeply longing for something new; not complete change but sort of a metamorphosis that doesn’t eliminate my current mission here, but enhances it and makes it better.

My head is racing with the possibilities of what will come next. My creative flow seems to have had a sudden surge and I am remembering to be grateful for the things that I should never take for granted.

And where to go from here? I am having this lightbulb moment that, while it’s important to take the “current situation” into account, reaching back into the mind of that younger me could be the key to knowing what comes next?

What would my younger self see in this life? What would she expect from me? What would she wish for me? And what does THIS self want? How do those things fit together?

I’m working on it.  I’ll keep you posted.

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